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Refugees were banned for 120 days, except those from Syria, who were banned indefinitely. The ban was backed by around half of Americans, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, but triggered protests across the country and caused chaos at some U.S. and overseas airports. U.S. District Judge James Robart in Seattle suspended the order after its legality was challenged by Washington state, eliciting a barrage of angry Twitter messages from Trump against the judge and the court system. That ruling was upheld by a three-judge panel at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco last week, raising questions about Trump's next step. At a Seattle court hearing on Monday, Robart said he would move forward with discovery in the case, meaning the request and exchange of information pertinent to the case between the opposing parties. Meanwhile, an unidentified judge on the 9th Circuit last week requested that the court's 25 full-time judges vote on whether the temporary restraining order imposed on Trump's travel ban should be reconsidered by an 11-judge panel, known as en banc review. The 9th Circuit asked both sides to file briefs by Thursday.

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About a third of the way down, Baumgartner reached Mach 1.25 or 843.6 mph, and in doing so became the first person to break the sound barrier while in freefall . Having beaten a freefall record that had existed for 52 years, however, Baumgartner only held it for two years, when it was beaten again by Google exec Alan Eustace. He also broke the sound barrier, though he didn't hit as impressive a maximum speed as Baumgartner, reaching a measly 822 miles per hour, or Mach 1.23. 2. PING PONG BALLS SD LO Anyone who's watched the top table tennis players in action knows they hit the ball hard and that it travels almost too quickly for the eye to see. But even that pales in comparison to the air-powered cannon built in 2013 by students at Indiana's Purdue University, which fired ping pong balls at more than 900 mph . You can get really, really high accelerations, the ball comes out of the ชุดผ้าปูที่นอน 6 ฟุต ราคาถูก barrel intact and doesnt break until it actually hits something, mechanical engineer Mark French Inside Science . The cannon used a vacuum pump to suck the air from a sealed tube, the air rushed to a nozzle shaped like an hour glass, and the nozzle propelled the ping pong balls at supersonic speedabout 919 mph. Remarkably, given their light weight and poor aerodynamics, the ping pong balls delivered as much energy to their target as a brick falling several stories. 3. WHIPS You know that crack a bullwhip makes when it's wielded in anger by an expert? That's a sonic boom, the shockwave created when the tip of the whip breaks the sound barrier. Or at least, that had been the presumption until researchers at the University of Arizona spoiled it for everyone.

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3, a chance to put what the students have been learning in social studies classes into action. In social studies weve been doing a chapter on Greek history and showing highlights of different Olympics, seventh-grade teacher Jacki Groesser said. They love those. In weeks leading up to the Olympics, students were divided into four Greek city states: Athens, Sparta, Magaia and Corinthians. They get the opportunity to work on team building and getting each team ready for the final event. They create a banner, a flag and they create a chant, Groesser said. Podraza said the way students get enthusiastic about everything is great to see. I really love how the kids buy into the city state pride, she said. It makes me giddy. Leading up to the big day, Groesser said she and fellow seventh-grade teacher Mindy Podraza hype up the events and get students pumped up. We really build it up, Groesser said.

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